Saturday, 31 October 2015

Gardens And Pokemons

Good Day all

Today is back to the normal with things, i Started my day with heading out this time not walking but instead i took the train, as Tokyo is like really Big, so the first stop was a a lovely garden which name illudes me at this time as the map is in Japanese, anyway this garden was beautiful, thought the day was cloudy the weather was nice finally a little cool.

The Gardens are only 2-5 minutes walk from the train station Komagome, i spent there around an hour just slowly walking through this rather large area in the middle of tokyo which i was just amazed by.

The next stop was well, it was something i had to do. As most people reading this would know i am a gamer, i like playing video games, and have done for a very long time, since the first Gameboy, i my first game was Pokemon, so i went to the largest pokemon store in the world, people in Japan are crazy for pokemon the store is pretty big but it was near full so many people from all ages. For me this was a cool place.

But onwards i must go back to the real world... so to speak, after the Pokemon store i headed to Harajuku which some people might know, this is where all the crazy japanese teen like to come to when they dress up as their favorite anime character or even in just some weird dress, and being ol' Hallows eve there were many creepy costumes, some of these people actually do this as a business so want some money for it so i never really took many pictures. the odd thing is i was wearing my Kilt as usual, and i was being looked at as if i was the weirdo in the area.

From the Harajuku area there is a nearby Temple the Meiji temple, this is probably the second busiest temple in the country after the asakusa one, But luckily the Gardens at the temple are not so busy so again i went around the gardens which were really nice though apparently better in May-June time. in this garden there was an elderly gentleman sitting on a bench, He was feeding the birds, but the birds flew over to him and took the seeds from this hand he offered a few people if they wanted to try, which was nice of him.

The temple itself was not that great if you ask me but there was something special on today. A Wedding a couple were getting married so it was really nice seeing the couple dressed in traditional form.

And really that's all i did today

Picture time