Friday, 6 November 2015

Sake for all...

Good Day Everybody

Well as most should know by now i am in Kobe now getting ready for some training tomorrow.

Onto what i did, i met up with two people in my hostel, a guy from california and a lassy from south korea, we then went on and planned to go around the Sake breweries and museums of Kobe, which i must add are all FREE and all have sake tasting for FREE, i will also add that we took the whole day to go around these different places, some of the sake's were absolutely amazing. there were also a few sake's that were non pasteurized so, fresh sake so to speak that won't keep for longer than a week. it was definitely the tastiest so i decided to grab a bottle for later on

all of this actually took us the whole day we never got back from the distilleries till 4:30 in the evening. at this point we were rather tipsy and quite tired as the walk was around 8km or so between all the different places .so the evening was to be nice and relaxing.

But it was not to last long, as i was summoned to a meeting with the other british people over for the seminar to tell me that the whole awaji trip was not actually booked, so there was plans needing to be make quickly. so end of the debarcle that was that night we are now training in Kobe. none the less things still need to be arranged but its not as bad now.

Anyway here's some Pictures not many as i was drinking

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Fishys and Electricity

Hello all

I know its been a couple of days since the last post so in this one i will include 2 days worth of content though it will not be as big as you think.

Let's start off with yesterday, i had met up with a few people the night before 1 austrailian guy and 2 kiwi lassies, we decided that we will go to the fish market at 6:30 in the morning, at this time it was too late to see the actual auction but the market was still open so there was lots of fresh sushi and other great foods, which was really quite cool, although it has been the only day that it has actually rained and it rained Really heavy. Luckily the hostel had some brolly's free to use but my shoes still got soaked through. but i did have probably the best meal i have had in japan, this was a bowl of beef intestines and rice and veg it was soooo good.

After the fish market we pretty much walked around the area to see what was nearby, we then took the underground to the government building which has a great view point in it for free, the view is amazing as well with a little store too for little souvenirs.

We then headed towards a place for food it is apparently a really famous spot that i never knew of, but it was amazing it was noodles and a broth, you dip the noodles into the broth and eat it was awesome but that was it for yesterday.

Forwards onto today, my plan today was to go around Akihabara check out all the nerdy things it had to offer, which is more or less what i did. There were a lot of cool shops. Then while walking around i happened on a large crowd outside a building and there were some cosplayers dressed up as characters from certain games all from one developer. Ubisoft. Today there was an Ubisoft day so i decided to check it out what i found was in the building was something that resembled a convention though it only had a pile of new Ubisoft game. but 1 that i have been keeping my eye on for a long time, The Division, this is due out next year sometime and i got to play it. it was a short demo but was really cool to do so. This ubisoft day thing pretty much took up half of my day so after i left the convention i was hungry, luckily there were a few Food Vans outside and one was Fish & Chips ran by an Aussey they also had haggis neeps and tatties, but i stuck with a fish supper really nice, got some strange looks as i eat with my hands rather than use chopsticks.

But that was pretty much the last couple of days, tomorrow is my last day in tokyo before i head to Kobe to meet up with the other to get ready for the seminars down on Awaji island.