Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Hello all

I know this needs to happen but still i am sad to see the iaito in bits, but i know its the best and safest way to transport it. just hope i can remember how to put it back together again.

its only a day and a bit left till the big day. i still haven't decided what clothes to take how much or what bag, i have a day to decide so, well not quite a day as i am working tomorrow as well so really i should be doing more just now than dismantling my iaito.

Now back to Procrastination

Thursday, 24 September 2015

1 Week Left

Good Day Everyone

So its now 1 week away till i leave for the land of the rising sun, To embark upon an amazing adventure in a place full of mystery. i have finally printed out some documents for the first place i am staying in, in Osaka, which looks to be a lovely little guest house.

So in the run up to going over i have just recently been to an Iaido seminar down in Leeds all i can say is i Got my first dan grading, Shodan, but the floor in the dojo was horrible thus i have torn my hakama. to i have had to order a new one for my visit, can't quite go see the Japanese teachers with ragged clothes, i am getting it from Nine Circles a great wee Gloucester based company who deal in those kind of things.

anyway enough yammering on next update when something happens