Thursday, 29 October 2015

A Donder Around Tokyo

Good Day Everybody

Finally a good night sleep was had i awoke around 8am after a nice long 10hr sleep, and i feel refreshed. The main plan today was to walk down to a nearby area around a 1hr walk to Asakusa to where there are many shops and a nice temple all in a park like area and very traditional feel.

Really that's what i did i spent some time looking around for some prezzies for people,no hints, the shops were filled with lots of things from sweeties to Swords, but the main attraction being the Temple this is a beautiful temple, though albeit very busy, its a great temple especially if its your first one you go see it has english "instructions" for those who don't know how to wash their hands or use the incense or even pray, it quite a big temple compared to others we have already seen. along going up to the temple there are a couple of gates to go through both having large paper lanterns hanging in them both with wooden end with Dragons carved in them very beautiful.

So after a while walking around i went over to the next street to check out another shopping hot spot called Don Quijote, which is a discount style store its layout is somewhat similar to TKMaxx without the clothing but i was really cool though i didn't buy anything the peruse was good.

Onwards from the shopping i started to donder again just randomly walked getting distracted for around an hour till i realised i never knew where i was so thought i better make a move to figure that out, on the way back were many interesting streets and even a temple or two. this all in all was a good day lots done.

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