Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Kyoto A Go Go

Good Day Everyone

Well everyone i finally made it to Kyoto, to my Kyoto is such a fascinating place. a lot of the women are wearing kimono's and quite a lot of the streets are old stone paved to give you that old Japan feel.

So today i felt like just taking my time with things no rushing around. so i left Osaka around 9ish and it took around an hour to get to Kyoto. eventualy i got to my Ryokan i am staying at in the Gion district, it was to early to check in but i was able to leave my rucksack there.

So very near, like 20 meters, is a near by Temple which is quite nice. Through the temple leads to a very nice park in whic has probobaly the most photographed bird in the world. this crane just sits on a rock all day just hanging out posing.

So literally all around my Ryokan there are tons of shrines and temples all of which are really amazing, so since it was a relaxing day i just thought i went for a little stroll around a few a few of which i remember from 6 years ago when i visited some with amazing gardens.

In the end i came back to the Ryokan around 4pm just to check in and relax .

My Ryokan

My Street

Temple just down the road

Lots of lanterns

The Flying poser 

Love These Dragons


Autumn Colours 

Check this bad boy out

I love Bamboo

Poor Guy

Favourite place in Kyoto

Quiet street...

Lots of kids 

What a great view

Tanooki Everywhere

What a nice snack 

5 story Pogoda 

All and all a great first day in Kyoto

See you all tomorrow