Sunday, 25 October 2015

Last day In Beppu And Long Time To Nara

Good Day Ladies and Gents how are we all doing.

So yesterday was my last day in Beppu, all i can say is a really like Beppu. The night before i had met a Spanish girl and a French guy and we went out had a couple beers, had a good time, then yesterday we went for a little (shaky) Bike ride to a nearby Monkey Park, which i was happy about seeing as i had no pictures from the Kyoto one, This park was i bit bigger than Kyoto and had a lot more monkeys which was brilliant they were a little calmer than the ones in Kyoto as well maybe due to the fact its not near the city, I don't know but it was cool.

In the evening i had to go to the International Port as it was where my ferry to Osaka was going to leave from. My ferry was et to leave at 7:30ish so i knew i had a good amount of time so i decided to walk, little did i know the little walk took me the past part of 40 minutes, all with  all my bags roughly 30-40Kgs so nice and light walk. It was still light when i left the Hostel then by the time i arrived at the Ferry Terminal is was Pitch Black.

The ferry was massive it was taking trucks and cars as well so needed the space, inside was really nice, felt like a cruise liner not a ferry. I had decided to go for the cheapest option of accommodation which was Dorm like, i say dorm like as it was sleeping on futons and if you are japanese you have good space from the person next to you... but... i'm not japanese it was a little cramped to say the least and japanese people don't seem to sleep to much, by 5am most were walking about, being noisy, so not much sleep was had over night.

Wow that sunrise though was amazing it was rising over Shikoku i believe the view was outstanding, i am really glad i decided to use the ferry. Now only a short trip between Osaka and Nara.

Nara oh wonderful busy Nara. Nara i known for really one thing and that is Deer there are deer everywhere. well just in the main park area not the rest of this Big town, my hostel that i am staying at is around 30 minutes walk to the park so not too bad, though my knee is starting to feel a bit, so i started heading towards the main attraction of the town which is Todaiji Temple which was a big Buddha inside but by the time i had got there there was a massive amount of people in and around the site so i decided to take a picture from the outside and go for a donder, as we all know by know that seems to be my main plan in Japan is to Donder around it.

During my donder i happen upon something familiar, i recognized the area from 6 years ago when i visited last time in this area was 2 great little Gardens which i could not not see. The gardens were almost the same as the last time they were beautiful the Autumn colours are really starting to show a lot here. The first Garden called Isuien has a two areas from two different periods, one from the Edo period and the other from the Meji, Both of which are amazing. nice big ponds with islands and such. the Second Garden called Yoshikien is great as not only is it beautiful but also is free to tourists brilliant. this has an interesting Moss Garden, i know sounds odd but it has soo many colours and is really nice to see.

Right that's all i did so i know you all want them so here we go

That wasp thing at the end was huge scared the hell out of me

see you all next time