Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Walking Walking Walking

Good Day All

I hope we are all good today i know i am. So today i started out very unsure what to do, i slept in again till 9 so i was the last one out of the guest house which gives me time to think and be loud. In the end i decided to go to Tennoji Park and its surrounding temples one of which is really old, like one of the oldest in Japan kinda old, there were so many i wont list them all by name.

Tennoji park is just in the south part of Osaka so a very short train ride to Tennoji Station and right outside is the park my first impressions were that it was very manufactured, the grass that had be laid down at the entrance was in strips of turf which were in dying need of water but i'm not one to judge it all looked very new so maybe just hasn't taken yet.

Within the park was several attraction to visit including an Art gallery, Museum and also a Zoo. none of which i visited but the one i did go to was the Japanese Garden which was really nice i spent there almost on hour just walking and taking pictures. the autumn colours in the trees are starting to come out now and it it looking really nice great contrast. Also realised while walking through the garden that i haven't worn these shoes very much, my feet are starting to hurt a bit.

After the Garden i was heading towards the near by Temple, Shitennoji the really old one, but on hte way an older gentleman came charging at me from far away, i thought ha was just in a hurry somewhere, but no he was aimed directly for me. He was a nice man and he just wanted to talk so he could practice his English so i, of course, divulged all my information onto him as he so asked, so nearing the end of the conversation a couple of (rude) Chinese women interrupted us talking to ask him where a certain place was as a gentleman he said he would walk them there himself which was nice of him.

So i finally arrive at the temple to find out is more like a complex of temples there were tons of little ones and medium ones not just the main hall which in my mind wasn't even the star attraction of the place. An old Temple at the back of the complex, whose name i do not know, which looked very old had a pond in front of it and in this pond was around 30 -40 Turtles, I like turtles. i felt this was a nice stop to sit for a minute and enjoy the sounds of monks ringing gongs and bells, very tranquil.

So as i do i kinda just wandered off from the temple in search for more shrines and temples some small ones that are very nice none the less. As i wander i happen upon a very narrow street where half way down it i was scared half to death by a cat meowing very loudly just as i passed it.

I next came upon a few little temples near one another and even a nice old wooden pogoda these were all very nice and quiet not a soul near by, many spirits but no bodies.

After i went around these temples i decided to start and head back, but then some stupid voice in my head said why don;t i walk all the way back to my guest house which is 8 km away. yeah great idea. Anyway on route i went through a shopping area which was full of arcade areas so like pachinko and the likes, all looked crazy, but there was also tons of little food stalls and vendors all smelt amazing shame i was not hungry at this point.My route took me back through the Tennoji park so that's the way i went.
Entrance to Tennoji Park

The Japanese Garden

Lots of nice wee bridges across the pond

Even some odd ones

But those colours 

Not as good as yesterday but still nice wee waterfall

I think one of the biggest buildings in Japan 

My Matching outfit 

Really nice garden 

Nice wee temple with incense burning away 

Stone gate to Shitennoji

Burning Incense 

Really nice old temple 

Look at them all, SOOOO many

Love the little guy 

Apparently done by someone famous

Bloody Cat

A really nice Temple

Lovely Wee Pogoda

This place was so clean and quiet 

Little bug

This Country loves stairs 

Another Mad Manhole

I actually preyed at this shrine

Crazy Street

Big Birdie Sitting

Big Birdie flying 
Just a little Flower

Oh by the way i did make it all the way back, i never gave in to the sore feet.

This is my last day in Osaka i will miss it and the people

Always a good night at Bar & Hat

See you all in Kyoto

Peace out