Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Kumamoto to Beppu

Good Day all

So to start off with i must apologise as i had written yesterday's blog and never actually posted it so i feel a bit silly. anywho yesterday in kumamoto i was advised from a good friend that i should go visit a temple around 1hr walking distance from my hostel so i decided that's what i'll do, i could of taken the tram up but you know that costs like 105yen, i have legs, The Temple in question is called Honmyoji temple it is a really great temple the run up to it is a lovely walk and then onto a ton of stairs with a mass of stone lanterns all leading up to the main temple at the top of a hill with a good view over some of kumamoto. that is all i actually did this day as i had to figure out how to get to Beppu and where to go after that.

So i decided to take the train across to Beppu the route took me around Mt.Aso the trip was amazing the views from the train were mesmerising, the train did however take 3 hours so, but really worth it.

And now i have arrived in Beppu. the onsen capital of Japan so far not seen much but all i can say is when you arrive there is a hand bath you can use.... mmmm the water is so warm. and the hostel seems really nice too.