Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Island Bound

Good Day All 

What a day i have had, Absolutely brilliant, i spent a good part of the day on Miyajima island to where there was an iconic part of Japan and a World Cultural Site, It is a Tori( shinto gate thing...Google it or wait for the picture at the end) which i set in the Sea. And it i s best seen when the tide is in which is nice and early in the morning from around 8-9.

Next to the Tori is a shrine which is also set above the water though it is just on a beach technically which i found out later, i never went into the area due to you needed to pay and i felt kinda stingey today. so only paid for the ferry ride over which was around £2 return. i felt stingey but not that bad. 

Bypassing going through the shrine seemed like a good idea when i walked around i seen cues of people around the interior and its nicer from the outside i felt, any Bypassing the Shrine i decided to go for a Hike up the tallest peak on the island. I know right me going for a hike. there were a few routes that i could take so the one i chose was littered with really nice shrines all the way up and a stream running through the whole route. around 1/3 up the route there was a very nice sign which, at this point, Warned me that there were Pit Vipers along the trail... really venomous bloody snakes great. luckily i never ran into any. but there are deer just roaming around the island that have no fear of humans that was interesting.

The trail up took me around 2hrs i stopped and had breakfast along the way mind you the day was great, not a thought of any rain. but in turn in the forest was quite hot but the trail was brilliant and well marked all the way up.

When i got to the very top there was a Observation deck which was really nice. as being up high and out of the forest there was wind to cool me off. the view was staggering... like i was by the time i got to the top. 

At this point i had a choice do i take the ropeway (Gondola) back down or walk, i must point out that my feet are quite sore i have blisters on them from all the walking so far. any way when i got to the junction upon which i had to choose...i decided to... Walk. that's right i thought ach can't be that far down as i knew this trail was slightly shorter than the one i took on the way up. i took me around 40mins to get down i had a stick to help the whole way.

Once i got back the the pier area i realised that there are now alot more people but i still Donderd through the shopping area which was busy. but i did get a apple ice cream which was great, But now i was fairly hobbling around so i decided to head back across the water to the hostel which is where i am now, it also seems like there might be some home cooking on the menu tonight. Yay.

I took a lot of pictures today so i just picked a few 

Hope you all enjoyed. Always feel free to comment