Monday, 5 October 2015

A Woodland Day

Good Day all how are you all doing

Well to day was my favourite so far and somehow it all went according to plan which is scary to think that something i planned came together, anyway it started out with me trying to navigate the Osaka train system to get to the closest stop to where i wanted to go this took my much longer than i want to admit but i finally figured it out and got there without a hitch, my camera was lashed to my Arm the whole day not chancing it again.

so the place i wanted to go is called Minoh waterfalls, and to get to it there was a nice long walk through the Woods and there were a few other things along the way including a temple and a butterfly sanctuary... odd yes but it was cool.

the walk is around 6km so not to bad and its all paved so no need for hiking boots. the hill in places is steep but it is all worth it. to be honest nothing out of the ordinary happened. no interesting tale of me loosing things i just really enjoyed walking through the woods. right i'll stop talking, onto the pictures.

The Manholes are great
He's like their little mascot
Start of the Trail 
Lots of little houses on the side 
And some businesses as well
The colours are just incredible 
The Sanctuary was amazing some super rare butterfly's
this wee guy was hard to photograph 
He was harder never stopped moving 
these ones were everywhere but still look cool
Back on track again and it just keeps getting better
Distracted again by this cool wee house for the spirits 
Now back on track again 
Yay the waterfall its amazing 
Trying to make it look fancy 

Going back down now still looks amazing
Looks different from the way up not sure why
The Temple, it looks new, but its just been renovated
Has the monkeys on it
Dragon always has his spot helping
Lovely little bridge to more of the temple 
The guardian looks like it could be renovated i loved it
Town just round this corner you couldn't tell

 All in all a great day feet are a bit sore but i'll survive

What possible adventure could i have tomorrow. tune in and find out next time.

See you all tomorrow