Thursday, 22 October 2015

The Onsen Capital

Good Evening All

Hows everybody day today, hope all is well. So Today i knew was going to be a long one i just didn't realise how long it would be, and it all started off kinda badly, i had planned i was going to leave to hostel around 8-9 more like 9am but i knew i needed to get some cash out, so i headed down to the international atm to get some out...and nothing, card rejected... Crap. so i scurry back to the Hostel to hook up the WiFi and try and contact the bank, Luckily from here out things get better i phone the bank, remember at this point its 2am in the UK, its takes the guy like 10 minutes to sort everything out, and was really polite and super jelous that i was in japan so all was good, i go back, i get money, I go walk.

So as i said i knew today was going to be a long day Overall i walked around 18-20Km up and down hills, i could of taken a bus, But i want to see japan not drive past it. so the reason i walked so much was to see the 8 Hells these are 8 different Hot springs that have special properties, none of which you can bathe in as most of their temperatures are around the 100oC  area so not a good idea to go for a swim, also 1 has crocodiles in it... i told you special hot springs, the first one i visited and an amazing hot foot bath you could use, if you could bear the heat, it must've been around 45-50oC, it was toasty to say the least, most foreigners couldn't set foot in it at all, i did. ooooooohhh such a good feeling on my weary feet.

All the other heels had their own unique thing like one looked like a blood pool, Though i thought it was more tomato soup, another was boiling mud. The pictures will describe more than i can the way the pools were, all i can say i the sound off of them most were like that of a jet engine spooling up. 

Along the Route i took the steam was literally coming up through the grates on the road and at some point people were actually using it to cook certain item including sweet potato, corn and eggs, i tried the eggs and the sweet potato they were really nice. after the 8 hells i knew i still had around 8Km walk back to the hostel, this was a sore walk my feet are killing me now but the views along the sea front were well worth the effort.

Okay okay i know you all want to see them so here they are Picture Time.