Sunday, 4 October 2015

A Long Day

Konbanwa chappies

So Today i had planned to get up early and get lots and lots done, But last night in the dorm was a guy whose snore could be measured on the Richter scale the bloody building shook, so basically i never got any sleep till around 7 this morning and i slept till 10 so early start was not happening, never the less i tried to fit in my original agenda anyway.

so the plan was a temple stomp see as many as i could, now Osaka it's self hasn't many in it but there are a few to the south so that was i went. My map wasn't very good of that area, by that i mean i didn't have a map so in each train stop there luckily was a little map showing the area. now at this juncture i'll like to remind you all my Japanese isn't very good even worse it my reading of Japanese is even worse. every thing in this area is in Japanese, there is no romanji translation.

so i head out into the concrete jungle to find some temples using only a picture on my phone of the map at the train station as guidance i think out of the whole day i only found 1 of the temples i was actually looking for, but i found many others instead. i have alot of pictures so they will be added in after with a wee description below them.

Today i did the stupidest thing i have ever done i believe. I Left My Camera On A Freekin Train. my nice big dslr. i was so sad i thought it was gone forever, but on my way back i went into the office to just (try and) ask if it had been handed in and low and behold, it had i had to wait for an hour for it to come from another station but it arrived all in one piece. YAY. i was so down when i realised i left it somewhere but i'm all good again.

this was the first temple of the day. quiet but nice
This part of the temple was dedicated to Teeth. Hence smiling man there
main hall was closed but still looks nice
I love these tori's 
Lunch time and more Takoyaki different place taste different. still good 
This was a small place, but had a really nice garden next to it 
the detail on the lamp as usual is amazing( thought the cicada was real)
A very clean Shrine very organised 
Gaurdian. Keeping everything under control 
Still love tori's so bright 

 Well if you made it this far you get a nice wee video.

that has been my day. a good day of getting lost, loosing things, and finding things and places so all in all a great day.

 my cheeks are hurting from all the smiling

Anyway see you all tomorrow...