Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Tokyo A Go Go

Good Day all

I am just going to jump straight in and say that i slept like 2hrs on the night bus last night from Kyoto to Tokyo and then and during the wait for the bus it started raining Heavy so i got soaked as there was nowhere to hide, then the mosquitos came out to eat me so i am covered in Bites,So Itchy.

But i am now in Tokyo land of the Strange, but today i really wasn't feeling up to doing much not enough Energy from not sleeping on the bus so when i got to my Hostel i decided to go for a wee walk down to Ueno Park which is a reasonably famous park on weekends there is usually some cool stuff going on, but it's daytime and a week day, so nothing amazing going on.

so on my way back i decided to head to the national museum only to find that they had an amazing display, it's the Terracotta Army which i know it's chinese not really Japanese just still it's something i have wanted to see and i got to which is awesome, by the time i went around the museum i started heading back to the hostel so i could check in and now i am sitting here typing, a short day but good as i am tired.