Saturday, 3 October 2015

A Nice Quiet Day

Konichiwa Everybody

 Well where to start, i suppose right after i finished writing the blog last night i went out to find some food but i was not wanting much not very much  i stumbled upon a little place i thought looked good, turned out to be a bar. Let the drinking commence. There were two Japanese fellows sitting at the bar already just playing some weird game on their phones so i bought a round and we sat and chatted and drank having a good time till around 10pm when 1 had to go to a surfing tournament the following day, and the other was under the thumb, all and all a good night.

Right then onto today, today was just meant as another quiet day not do too much i am a little jet lagged so step in to it easily. i started it off by going into osaka it's self and just looked around for some temples and shines to look at the first one i found had a school kids concert on so i never went in but the next one, not sure why, had a food and drinks festival going on in it. which was really cool lots of people having fun.

After walking around the shrine i stumbled on a very long street, it was in fact Japan's longest shopping only street called Shinsaibashi-suji there was tons along it so many shops with lots of different things, and there was food and drink too all on 1 long street.

I never actually bought anything from here lots of things though and it got me out of the burning sun for a while it has been super hot all the time even now at 7pm its quite warm. my saviour the trip so far has been the vending machines they are absolutely everywhere which is great the drinks are ice cold. i particularly like the iced coco mmmm but all the drinks are nice even the one called pukari sweat, its nice trust me.

So i went from the shopping street to a near by building called NHK, the TV place which i thought was cool very big building. next to the nhk building was a little warehouse by that i mean and old style warehouse they presume there was a lot before but only this one is left there now. Across the main road from the warehouse is the place of the old castle, that i presume burnt down long ago, all that was left was the foundations of the place and the grounds surrounding them. there is a very nice park there now where i seen lots of kids trying to catch grasshoppers or crickets not sure which but was pretty cool. (i met 5 bugcatchers today, it was okay i had a fire type with me :D). And there was a Father trying to teach his son baseball, and even some kids playing touch rugby all very cool.
 that is the nhk building in the back. and the father and son playing ball.

 So after all that walking which was a lot i decided to head back to the Guest house on the way back i grabbed some Takoyaki (Octopus balls) Really tasty i recommend them. i never took any pictures as i ate them. but that has been my day through and through.

now have a picture of a cat under a bike.

See you all Tomorrow. oh btw i got my bag back too