Thursday, 8 October 2015

Dondering around Kyoto

Hello All

How are we all doing today, in my mind you all said everything is great, so yay. Anyway today my plan was really just to do some more temple stomping, i had a grand plan of where i wanted to go and how long it would take me, but in the end i just kinda wondered around seeing cool places i never meant to but that's not such a bad thing. A lot of the temples i seen today were not the same ones i did 6 years ago and others were the same but it's still nice to see them again.

I started off my long walking day at 9 when i decided to go to a line of temples along a walk called the philosophers path, but the plan was to take a long route around to get there, then after all that was to head across town to the Golden pavilion, long story short the golden pavilion never happened. but the rest did which was just a really nice time

so the walk took me through the park just north of my Ryokan where the posing crane always is... to be honest i really did wander from where i never used my map the whole day till i wanted to get back i'm kinda surprised i found anything. i must of seen around 10-15 temples today.

On my way back i headed through a nice wee garden in which i met a man from Englandshire somewhere, Nottingham i think, and we sat and talked for around 40 minutes while looking around the garden and sitting. was good to talk finally to a native English speaker. but that has pretty much been my day not anything special.. Apart i'm in freekin JAPAN

Sorry for 2 selfies bad damn this door is small

this wee dude wanted to just follow me everywhere