Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Ah Nagasaki San

Hello all

Hope you have all been well. So lets start off with the fact i thought today's blog would be pretty boring considering the fact it was going to just be a long day of travel from Hiroshima to Nagasaki, well turns out it was a lot more interesting.

Well the start of the day was as humdrum as expected of a 4 1/2 hour train journey would be. I left reasonably early, not crazy early but early enough. When i got to Nagasaki i already knew that the tram line that leads next to my hostel was out of service, so instead i decided to walk, which was quite pleasant but very hot. but i arrived at the area of my hostel in no time at all to find a really nice setting, old stone bridges over a slowly flowing river with coy in it. i like this area.

After i had checked into the hostel, which i which is a nice wee place, i decided to go for a little stroll around the area, along the way i found a local cart vendor selling a strange ice cream, its called chirin chirin ice, and it is really really nice, then i found out that one of the stone bridges called the spectacles bridge is actually the oldest stone arch bridge in japan, again really cool,

After all this i decided to go behind the hostel to where a statue of a famous samurai is. But i don't have a map of the area and 50% of the signs are in Japanese, so i got lost... properly lost, but i continued onwards and upwards despite that fact, until i walked in on a shrine filled with people, i was confused thinking "what on earth is going on today", to which i never had to wait long to find out, it's Nagasaki's Autumn festival and to start two boys around 10-12 i think climb a bamboo pole around 4-5 meters and do some mild acrobatics on it which was amazing enough. Only for two adults to then arrive, dressed as a fox and a vixen, And climb a bamboo pole around 10 meters high and start doing acrobatics but there were two poles so one swung from one pole to another basically at the top, while at the top they started to throw things down, i believe they were fortune cookies.

Anyway the festivities ended so i was able to attend the shine and pay my respects, when a camera crew popped out of no where and started interviewing me after that one finished another 2 camera crew came to ask me questions, so tonight i'm going to be on the evening news on NHK and maybe something else too.

Onwards and upwards i went from the shrine even more lucky there was a sign telling mw how to get to the top in English, so that was handy. So made it to the top got a great view of Nagasaki and decided to head back down the hill to the hostel