Monday, 19 October 2015

Onwards to Kumamoto

Good Day all

Yes i'm back, i know its been a while since we last spoke, i was still in Nagasaki i had taken a day of rest and also a day with lots of museums, so no pictures. Anyway i'm back and i am in Kumamoto a really nice city so far, Also the way i got here was by bus, the first time i have used the bus system in japan and its cheap so i like it.

So onto Yesterday i took the bus from Nagasaki to Kumamoto which is around 3hrs so when i got here it was pretty late on so i never did anything apart from i met a really nice japanese guy who i spoke to for a good long while then we decided to go to a local onsen, which was the oldest in kumamoto and it was really good there was a sulphur pool aswell which is meant to be good for the skin, then we went onto the beers afterwards, so was a good night.

Then today i woke up pretty early and decided to head out to visit Kumamoto Castle, when i got there which was around 20mins walk from my hostel i thought that this was brilliant as there was nobody at all there, as such i took my time to walk around the grounds to visit everything on the castle grounds, But by the time i got to the main tower... oh the tour groups, so many tour groups. but i delt with the lots of people but taking my time still. i shall not be rushed. Kumamoto castle has been converted into a museum on the inside and around 5 stories tall a beautiful castle all in all.

After the castle i decided to head towards the Former residence of Hosokawa Gyobo, this is a really old House in which you can walk around inside which i found really cool. on my way back from all of this i decided to top in a park to sit, as i have been walking for 5-6 hours so needed rest. and in this park a very nice lady sat near by and offered my a rice cracker that she had made herself, it was really good super tasty, also very out of the blue. and that my friends is my day. so far.


Oh forgot to mention this place this was a little shopping area with food vendors as well, it looked very old fashioned.

See you all next time