Friday, 2 October 2015

Osaka Finally

Good Day All

I have finally made it, i am in the amazing Osaka. and right now I'm sitting in my little Guest house which so far is fantastic friendly staff and nice guests too.

My flight over was as good as a 10 1/2 hour flight can be, a little uncomfortable but in general it was okay, my flight from Edinburgh to Amsterdam was late and i only just made it to my flight over here, But My bag wasn't quite as fast as me, it should be arriving on the next flight and its getting delivered to the guest house, they even phoned ahead to let the owner know that would be happening very nice. At least the food on the plane was good

And whilst i was waiting for the check in at the Guest house to open i decided to go around a near by attraction well its just Osaka Castle that's all. it was so hot, for me at least i just had to get an ice cream chocolate and vanilla mmmmmmmmm. the place had lots around unfortunately for you guys you can't see all the nice pictures as they are on my DSLR and i don't have the cable with me as it's in my main bag.

there were little temples dotted around the castle as well this one was my favourite  lots of nice swoopy bits

I had just been around the castle which is now a museum very interesting things in it swordy things as well, very nice, i needed a seat at this point as that place is eight stories tall knackered going up the stairs. while i was sitting here though a very nice old man mr.haneda came up to me and started talking to me we bleathered for around 30mins was really nice and interesting fellow another part of japan that i love, the friendliness of everyone, they are willing to go out of their way to help you, which another did when i got a bit lost getting to my guest house, i never really payed attention to where i was just mouth wide open looking at everything in amazement. 

But i am here now in this comfy little place lots near by to keep me busy. as long as all my battery's last till my bag gets here.

Have fun all