Sunday, 11 October 2015

A Good Few Day

Good Day all

I know it has been a couple of days since i last posted, due to no pictures, but its time to catch you all up on the events since the last post.

So my Dslr battery died on Friday without me realising so i thought i can use my phone which i was doing without realising that the pictures were not saving, so then at the end of a very long day i had 0 pictures which sucked, as it was an awesome day. It started off when i walked from my ryokan all the way to the other side of kyoto which is around a 2 1/2 hour walk one way. On the way there were a few nice and quiet temples, In Kyoto quiet places are very special as there are not many, but the main aim was to see as much of Kyoto as possible and also see MONKEYS yes that's right there is a macaque preserve in the western hills and i took Many Many pictures of tons of monkeys including a few babies which was awesome.

Then after the monkey park i had a small walk to a very nice bridge big and long made of wood, very typical Japanese looking style. Just before the bridge there was the sounds of Drums being beaten as  i approch said sound I come to find that there was a festival or something anyway lots of people lots of dancing lots of shouting all good things.

I left the festivities and headed towards my next destination which was the very famous Bamboo Forest which was packed with people tons, hundreds, thousands. but the bamboo forest was pretty cool, really tall bamboo and thick and lots of it, it's a fairly dense forest and pretty large area coverage.

so all in all i had a good day except the part with no pictures. Of course i get back to the Ryokan and think oh i'll just charge my camera now... i left my freekin camera charger back home. So i then knew what i was to do yesterday i went to find the biggest camera store in Kyoto. which i did and i bought myself a very nifty camera charger, yay happy again, But the day was a waste as a fellow traveller needed some help trying to find some accommodation, Unfortunately for him this just so happens to be a long weekend in Japan and everything everywhere is booked up so in the end i believe he took a night bus to Tokyo, shame. but that was literally all i did that day,

The night however was still young so i headed out thinking i'll just have a couple as i knew i was leaving the next day. well that plan went right out of the window i found a nice small bar that served food as well with friendly staff. lets just say i stayed till closing time which is only midnight but i drank a lot of sake, but was a good night.

So onto today, today i left Kyoto and headed to Himeji which is only around an hour or so away from Kyoto as such i was able to take a local train there a bit cheaper than the shinkansen(bullet train), My thoughts were to leave my pack at the guest house and go around the famous Himeji Castle. but my place was closed till 4pm. Crap. so i literally carried my whole pack swords and day pack with me around Himeji castle which i found quite funny.

Himeji castle is a very beautiful castle an exquisite white laces the outside walls. apparently the castle has just gone under some restoration and only re-opened earlier this year sometime. The biggest problem i have with the castle though is there are far too many people going around all the time it took 3 hours to try and get around the castle you never got a change to just donder around or take in the amazing interior as it was just a very long cue from the entrance to the exit which kind of spoiled it for me. People as very kind and polite in Japan until they get in a que they just start shoving and pushing. well they didn't push me very far with all my gear i wasn't taking any crap. Anyway i am now in my guest house which is a really nice place very friendly staff nice atmosphere

Now the pictures.